About Us

New Communion is a faith-based organization with the goal of enhancing community relationships and diminishing the impacts of hunger and food insecurity.

New Communion is committed to providing nourishing food and being in relationship with those experiencing food insecurity and hunger in the communities we serve.

Our History

After months of interviews, conference calls, and site visits New Communion received notification of partnership and grant funding with United Way of Forsyth County in order to create and operate a mobile pantry unit servicing those with limited access to fresh food and pantry items in Forsyth County. New Communion began limited services July 1, 2016 and became fully operational by the end of August.


Winston-Salem is one of several cities in North Carolina to have the highest levels of food insecurity in the country. 1 in 4 children experience poverty. 62,590 people are food insecure in Forsyth County alone, of those, 31% don’t qualify for SNAP Benefits.


Currently, feeding over 500 local families a week, we would like to continue to grow, increasing the amount of families being fed. Using shared abundance, expanding our food and financial sponsorship to support securing healthy nutrition for all.


New Communion is committed to the model of Asset Based Community Development and the mindset of shared abundance in ways that transform individuals and systems of poverty. New Communion functions as an interfaith organization and utilizes interdisciplinary practices in order to promote healthy food systems through shared abundance and redistribution of resources.