1. Count the outlets in your home give $.10 for each working outlet
2. Pets are expensive, most of our neighbors can’t afford, give $1.00 for each fluffy or fido
3. Count the number of wheels on your autos, give $.25 for each wheel
4. Can you fill your gas tank? Give $2.00
5. Don’t like what’s for dinner? Order a pizza and give $1.00
6. Never gotten groceries from a pantry? Give $.50 for each member of your household
7. Do your groceries have to last all week: No? Give $2.00
8. Have enough money in your bank account if your car breaks down? Give $1.00 for each
9. Can you afford a book of stamps? Yes? Round up to $.50
10. Many of our neighbors can’t afford milk. Donate the cost of a gallon at your local grocer-
11. It costs $6.00 to feed a family 5 meals, can you give that?
12. Has your electricity been shut off for nonpayment? No, give $3.00
13. If you live less than 3 miles from a grocery store give $1.00
14. If you have your own washer and dryer, give $1.00
15. If your children are not on the free and reduced lunch program give $2.00 for each child
16. Count the number of streetlights on your block, give $.50 for each
17. Give $1.00 for each time you eat out during Lent
18. If you have health insurance give $1.00 for each member of your household
19. Give $1.00 for each college degree held in your household
20.Give $2.00 either of your parents went to college

21. Give $1.00 if you have more than one bathroom
22.Give $2.00 if you have a meal delivery service
23. Give $1.00 if your children receive music, dance, or sports lessons
24. Give $2.00 if you have a housekeeper or lawn services
25.Give $1.00 if you can get regular dental check-ups
26.Give $1.00 if you have cable or other subscription services like Hulu/Netflix
27. Give $1.00 for every TV you have more than 1
28. Give $2.00 if you have a computer
29.Give $1.00 if you have a landline telephone
30. Give $1.00 if you have went on a vacation this year, and $.50 for each over 1
31. Have you lived out of state as an adult? Give $1.00
32. Have you traveled to a foreign country? Give $2.00
33. Do you speak another language? Give $2.00
34. Do you have 3 months salary in the bank? Give $5.00
35. Do you have ingredients to make a meal for guests? Give $2.00
36. Do you own your own home? Give $2.00
37. Can you afford an Urgent Care Visit? Give $1.00
38. Do your children have plenty of clothes and toys? Give $2.00
39. Thank a veteran by giving $3.00 many of our friends experiencing homelessness are veterans
40.Total and round up to the next $$$ then donate to New Communion or your local food pantry